About Us

VCSTV is the new way to experience VCS live events and more! 

The first groundbreaking event, PETER PAN (the movie with a live [socially distanced] VCS Radio Symphony Orchestra), was premiered on August 28th, 2020, at 7:30 pm Live from the New VCS Radio Open-air Pavilion!

VCSTV is the video side of the VCS Radio Conservatory of the Arts. We feature student-produced videos and Live student concerts, sports, school meetings, and more!

VCSTV has five channels to handle up to five live VCS events simultaneously. These can be sporting events, concerts, plays, chapels, and more.  All proceeds from any VCSTV broadcast offset the costs of the various VCS productions involved. 

All VCSTV events are presented using students and or other volunteers for cameras and sound operations. Some events are broadcast using a single camera without commentary, while others will use multiple cameras and more advanced equipment and staffing. This often depends on the available volunteers, and space requirements of each event.

VCSTV video is distributed by IBM servers to ensure the best possible quality for live streaming. However, the video's quality can vary based on the available Internet bandwidth at the location of the production.